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Lumisplash LED Light Graphic Panels

LumiSplash is a patent pending, multilayered, ultra-thin 1/4″ (6mm) decorative laminate that emits light evenly across its surface and has impressive impact, scratch, chemical, and abrasion resistant properties. LumiSplash is:

-The first ultra-thin, lighted laminate system with no air gap required for LEDs. This system uses a Light Bar and Light Guide Panel to produce luminance across a translucent surface.
- A one-of-a-kind product that combines art with lighting in a durable laminate, creating a unique focal point for any home or business.
- A low-voltage system that comes with the necessary electrical components to simply plug into a 110-volt receptor. LumiSplash can also be hardwired for permanent installations by a local electrician.
- Suitable for most vertical and horizontal applications where other decorative laminates could be used.
- Easily fabricated with standard woodworking tools such as routers, saws, and drills.
- Easily used to backlight your own stone, acrylic, or other translucent materials with it’s Light Guide Panel.

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By combining our ever-expanding line of graphics or your own artwork with LumiSplash, you can make a unique, custom design perfect for your project.

Artwork + LumiSplash

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